Coalition for the International Criminal Court
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Most Recent Documents
Author Date and Title
21 Apr 2016
Guatemala: Advance bill on national prosecution of ICC crimes
21 Apr 2016
Communications and Online Media Internship May 2016
19 Apr 2016
CICC Statement on the Opening of the ICC permanent premises
19 Apr 2016
Informal Ministerial Network PR on the opening of ICC permanent premises
11 Apr 2016
Statement on the ICC Decision to vacate charges againist Ruto and Sang
07 Apr 2016
Letter to President Nikolicon al-Bashir award
05 Apr 2016
Termination of Ruto/Sang case at ICC: Witness tampering means impunity prevails over justice again
Amnesty International
05 Apr 2016
Kenya: Ruto and Sang decision must not derail efforts to ensure justice for victims
Human Rights Watch
05 Apr 2016
Kenya Deputy President’s Case Ends
21 Mar 2016
Press Release Bemba Verdict
20 Mar 2016
Asia-Pacific Program Intern The Hague (Deadline 20 March 2016)
ICC Prosecutor
18 Mar 2016
The International Criminal Court and Africa: A Discussion on Legitimacy, Impunity, Selectivity, Fairness and Accountability GIMPA Law Conference 2016
17 Mar 2016
21 March : ICC to issue long-awaited verdict in trial against Jean-Pierre Bemba
South African Broadcasting Corporation
16 Mar 2016
Mark Ellis (International Bar Association) reacts on the South African Supreme Court's judgement on al-Bashir
South Africa Court of Appeal
15 Mar 2016
South African government loses appeal over failure to arrest Bashir- Judgement