Coalition membership and campaigning

The Coalition for the International Criminal Court, comprising 2,500 civil society organizations, is the largest civil society partnership in the world advancing international criminal justice.

Membership is free and open to non-governmental and civil society organizations working toward accountability for grave crimes through national or international mechanisms.

Every region in the world is represented in our Coalition, which brings together programmes on a range of themes and international justice issues. In driving our policies and campaigns, our network of members is integral to advancing the fight for global justice.

Becoming a member provides unparalled exposure to the Rome Statute system of international justice, access to ICC-related meetings at the national and international levels, shared resources and joint strategizing through our regional and national networks.

Campaigning as a Coalition member

Civil society was instrumental in establishing the international justice system. We are now making it work. Together, we can end the era of impunity.

Become a Coalition member

Join forces to advance the fight for global justice for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide.

Find a national coalition

National and regional ICC networks are active all over the world. Find a coalition in your country and region, or set up your own. 

Contact a regional coordinator

Coalition regional coordinators support national and regional civil society networks in advancing justice.


Action pack - Campaign for Global Justice

Resources to help you in the fight for global justice - on the street, in politics or from your home.

Our story


We've been fighting for global justice for over 20 years. 

Coalition member websites

Check out our partner organisations for more information on their work towards delivering justice to victims of mass atrocities. 

Civil society in the Rome Statute system

Learn more about the status of civil society in the Rome Statute system.


Voices of global civil society

Be inspired. Meet the global civil society activists fighting for justice