ICC Registrar elections

2018: Election for one ICC registrar

1 new registrar  |  5-year term  |  Elected by ICC Judges in 2018

The Registry is the largest organ of the ICC and indispensable to the workings of other organs of the Court including the Presidency, the Judiciary, and the Office of the Prosecutor.

The five year term of the current ICC Registrar Herman von Hebel ends on 16 April 2018. Each Registrar is elected for a five-year term and is eligible for one re-election at the end of their term.

After a review process, the Presidency short-listed 14 candidates. The Judges will elect the next Registrar in March 2018, taking into consideration recommendations from the Assembly of States Parties.



Meet the 2018 Registrar election candidates

The candidates who made the short-list are:

  1. Mr. Lilian Apostol (Republic Of Moldova);
  2. Mr. Marc Dubuisson (Belgium);
  3. Ms. Chipo Gaobatwe (Botswana);
  4. Ms. Indhrambal Goberdan (South Africa);
  5. Mr. John Hocking (Australia);
  6. Ms. Dorothy Kingsley-Nyinah (Ghana);
  7. Mr. Peter Lewis (UK);
  8. Mr. Mbacké Lo (Senegal);
  9. Ms. Kate Mackintosh (UK);
  10.  Ms. Fatmata Binta Mansaray (Sierra Leone) (withdrawn);
  11.  Mr. Esteban Peralta Losilla (Spain);
  12.  Mr. Daniel Didier Preira (Senegal);
  13.  Ms. Marie Inger Tuma (Sweden);
  14.  Mr. Herman von Hebel (The Netherlands)(withdrawn)

These candidates submitted their application for the position in their personal capacity; they were not nominated by a State.


While the Coalition as a whole does not endorse or oppose any individual candidate, it is committed to ensuring that only the most highly qualified candidate is elected as Registrar by the Court’s Judges.

To assist in informing the Judges in electing the Registrar we asked the candidates to fill in a questionnaire.


Read their responses here as they come in:

Lilian Apostol (the Republic of Moldova and Romania)

Marc Dubuisson (Belgium)

Indhrambal Goberdan (South Africa)

Peter Lewis (United Kingdom)

Esteban Peralta Losilla (Spain)

Kate Mackintosh (United Kingdom)

Daniel Didier Preira (Senegal)

Marie Tuma (Sweden)

John Hocking (Australia)

Chipo Gaobatwe (Botswana)

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What does the Registry do?

The Registrar heads the Registry, the largest organ of the Court. The Registry provides:  

1. Judicial and courtroom logistical support, such as translation and interpretation, management of court records, legal aid, victims and witness support, detention centre management;

2. External affairs, such as public outreach, field office support, and external relations; and

3. Management, such as the Court’s budget, human resources, security, and other administrative services.

For more information

Visit our old website to learn more about past elections campaigns. Information includes related papers, civil society advocacy, former candidate questionnaires, previous elections' results and more. 

Or drop us a line at cicc-hague@coalitionfortheicc.org.

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