#JOIN the campaign for truly global ICC

The ministers of foreign affairs from Denmark, Cyprus, Argentina and Czech Republic and the ASP President are calling for universality, or full state membership, of the International Criminal Court. This is political will in action. Time for more states to join the call.

On the occasion of International Justice Day 2017, the Embassies of the Republic of Cyprus and of Denmark in The Hague launched the JOIN campaign video:


The video is reminder that promoting the Universality of the Rome Statute depends on everybody and above all on the active participation of states, the ICC itself, NGOs and the broader international community.

The campaign launch took place at Humanity House in The Hague on 21 July. Danish Ambassador Ole Moesby stated: “Achieving universality of the Rome Statute remains a goal we must all work towards. To ensure that there can be no impunity. To ensure that perpetrators of the most serious crimes of concern to the international community will be held to account. To prevent future crimes. And to ensure justice for victims, past, present and future.”

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JOIN the campaign and the conversation on social media with the hashtags #MoreJustWorld and #JusticeMatters.

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A remarkable 124 countries are ICC member states, voluntarily becoming party to the Court's founding treaty, the Rome Statute. Most of Europe, Latin America and Africa are states parties to the Rome Statute.Yet big gaps remain in the Middle-East North Africa and in Asia in particular - and major powers such as China, India and the United States remain outside the system.

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