All peoples, United by Common Bonds

Join the campaign for a global International Criminal Court

We need your help to ensure justice for victims of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide around the world through the International Criminal Court (ICC) system of international justice.

Coming at a time of difficulty for the ICC system, and for the world more broadly, we believe that a demonstration of unity and support for the ICC and Rome Statute system of international justice is vital to ensure the protection global human rights in the face of rising tides of racism, discrimination, hostility, violence and repression around the world.


Drawing inspiration from the Rome Statute preamble declaration that "all peoples are united by common bonds, but this delicate mosaic may shatter at any time," the Coalition for the International Criminal Court has launched a campaign called United by Common Bonds, with the intention of underlining the global nature of the Court’s mandate and mission, of the worldwide movement that brought about its establishment, and of the continuing desire to see it deliver justice to victims in all parts of the world.

Civil society knows as well as anyone that access to justice remains uneven around the world and that the ICC can improve its delivery of justice. We remain convinced that the solution lies in more and better justice, not less. With the ICC facing mounting political opposition as it grows, the time is now for governments to make this system of international justice work for all victims no matter their location. This is the single most effective way to increase the acceptance of the ICC around the world and bolster the effectiveness of the Rome Statute system.


In this period of global uncertainty, let us unite in a spirit of cooperation, collaboration and solidarity around the principles laid out in the Rome Statute and make international justice truly global.

The United by Common Bonds campaign video seeks to tell the real story of international justice to counter the profound mischaracterization of the ICC and its mission to bring both justice and peace to the world.  That story is of a global movement of civil society organizations and activists, working with small and middle sized ‘like-minded’ states, standing up to the rampant abuse of power and for the rights of victims around the world.

United by Common Bonds is seeking to rally expressions of support (written, visual, video, demonstrations) from global civil society, states, representatives of international and regional organizations, academia, media, eminent personalities, celebrities, and the general public.

Participants in the campaign are encouraged to call for:

  • Truly global ICC justice;
  • A strengthening of the ICC; and
  • Greater state support for the Rome Statute system.


1. Share this page.


2. Share the United by Common Bonds campaign video


3. Publicly join the campaign through official statements, opeds, social media posting, images, videos, events etc.

Suggested messaging

  • Through justice, peace
  • I’m standing with victims of atrocities
  • Let's make international justice truly global
  • We need global justice, a strong ICC, and more state support for justice
  • Unimaginable atrocities are on the rise - it's time for global justice
  • Join the fight for global justice for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes

Twitter hashtags

  • #VictimsFirst
  • #UnitedbyCommonBonds
  • #AGlobalCC
  • #CommonBonds
  • #UnitedforJustice


4. Use the United by Common Bonds logo and share resources on our take action webpage