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Meet the global civil society activists fighting for justice

The Coalition for the International Criminal Court includes civil society organizations in 150 different countries working in partnership to strenghten the ICC and its causes. 

Our national coalitions and regional networks are comprised of a diverse range of civil society groups. Meet some of our members and learn about their tireless campaigning to advance justice and peace.

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Boniface Cheembe — Zambia

“SACCORD’s formation was motivated by the horrors of war witnessed in East Timor."

Executive Director - Southern African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD)

Kaajal Ramjathan-Keogh — South Africa

"International criminal justice and the fight against impunity is a concern for all nations."

Executive Director - Southern Africa Litigation center (SALC)

Mustafa Adam Ahmed Hussain - Sudan

"Civil society acts as a powerful force for change and peaceful dialogue."

Darfuri Activist and director of Zarga Organization for Rural Development

Jemima Kariri – South Africa

“Africans have not been able to respond to these crimes at the national level.”

Senior Researcher in the International Crime in Africa Programme

Ali Ouattara - Ivory Coast 

''Today’s impunity is tomorrow’s crime."

President of the IC-ICC - Ivory Coast coalition for the ICC

Aguissa Ag Mohamed - Mali

''The ICC's advent is the greatest revolution in international criminal justice of our times."

Expert in human rights - Malian coalition for the ICC

Angela Mudukuti - Zimbabwe 

“70% of the cases before the court are what we call self-referrals... It’s more Africans making use of the court they helped create."  

International Criminal Justice Lawyer at Southern Africa Litigation Centre

Njonjo Mue - Kenya

''It is incumbent upon civil society actors such as ICJ  Kenya to  work  with citizens to build demand for accountability and justice."

Human rights lawyer and transitional justice expert - International Commission of Jurists 

Mohammed Ndifuna - Uganda

''It's important that court remains steadfast in its fight against impunity. The majority of the African people would like to see justice" 

Chief Executive Officer - Human Rights Network, Uganda 

Osman Naway - Sudan

"War criminals can never be peace makers."

Co-Founder and Director - Rights for Peace Foundation


Gloria Cano - Peru

''The establishment of the ICC and its statutes contributes to overcoming the gaps of the legal system"

Lawyer and executive director of APRODEH

Adriana Benjumea - Colombia 

''The response from the State through justice for women victims of violence has been inefficient despite key developments ... Impunity risks in sexual violence cases are extremely high."

Executive director - HUMANAS


Urantsooj Gombosuren - Thailand 

"The only rule that should really matter for human rights activists is the need to become the voice of the most vulnerable."

Chairperson of Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development 

Marlar - Myanmar

 "Our work teaches women and their families their rights and gives them the tools to be able to fight for justice." 

Joint General Secretary, Tavoyan Women's Union Dawei, Burma 


Philip Grant - Switzerland 

"We need to overcome the idea that justice will come from afar and start believing in our own capacities to make a change: victims, NGOs, lawyers, prosecutors or judges all have a role to play in tackling fear and brutality."

Director of TRIAL International

Artak Kirakosyan - Armenia 

"I believe that Armenia and Armenians being a nation which survived genocide should play a significant role in the fight against impunity and development of international justice  institutes and universal justice. Civil Society Institute is here to stand for it." 

Consultant in conflict management and chairman of Civil Society Institute 

Oleksandra Matviychuk - Ukraine

"Pressure from civil society has made the difference, as parliament’s declarations enabling the ICC Prosecutor to begin a preliminary examination show."

Head of the board of Center for Civil Liberties

Yevgeni Zhovtis - Kazakhstan 

"Our advice for the ICC would be only to wish that the ICC kept on working to push Kazakhstan toward acceptance and recognition of ICC’s jurisdiction over it."

Director of Kazakhstan International Bureau for Human Rights and Rule of Law (KIBHR)

Budimir Ivanišević - Serbia

"The Humanitarian Law Centre (HLC) is leading the regional network of CSOs advocating for establishment of the Regional Commission for the establishment of facts about war crimes and other serious violations of human rights committed in the former Yugoslavia."

Budimir Ivanišević, HLC Executive Director


Middle East and North Africa


Luna Sabbah - Jordan 

''The fight for justice is not easy and will never be, we are with the ICC in their fight for justice and we support the work of the Coalition for the ICC around the world."

Jordan Human rights advocate and executive director - ADELEH 

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