ASP19 Resumed session- DAY 1

ASP19 Resumed session on hold; with elections scheduled, civil society calls for election of the most highly qualified candidates

17 DECEMBER 2020

The resumed 19th session of the Assembly of States Parties to the ICC Rome Statute, scheduled to begin today in New York, could not take place due to weather conditions and the closure of the United Nations Headquarters UNHQ where the session is due to take place.

More information about the continuation of the session tomorrow, Friday 18 December, will be provided later.

States continued virtual informal consultations on a draft resolution regarding the review of the International Criminal Court and the Rome Statute system

During the resumed 19th ASP session, States are due to elect a number of key positions in the Rome Statute system in an almost complete turnover of leadership, including six Judges and the ASP Presidency and Bureau for the ASP20 (2021) to ASP22 (2023).

While consultations continue in New York for the election of the next ICC Prosecutor, the Assembly mandated the Bureau to consider the practicalities of holding a second resumed session in the first two months of 2021 in New York, to enable the Assembly to conclude the election of the Prosecutor and the election of six Judges. The Assembly further decided that the Bureau shall continue to remain in office in its current composition until the end of the 19th ASP session.

The Coalition, including through its elections team, along with many individual member organizations, has consistently called on states to nominate and elect only the most highly qualified individuals as ICC officials through fair, transparent and merit-based processes. This is an essential step in ensuring a fair, effective, and independent International Criminal Court. 

Find out more about our campaign to #ElectTheBest to lead the fight against impunity HERE and read our ASP19 Backgrounder.