Committee on Budget and Finance

The Committee on Budget and Finance (CBF) examines financial, budgetary and administrative documents submitted by the ICC to the Assembly of State Parties (ASP) as part of the Court’s annual budget review. It was established in 2002 by consensus to provide an appropriate mechanism for the budgetary and financial review and monitoring of the resources of the ICC.

The Committee examines and makes recommendations on the proposed program budget that the Court requests to fulfil for its prosecutorial, judicial and organizational functions, and meet its obligations to defendants and victims. The final annual ICC budget is then agreed upon by the State Parties during the ASP. The Committee meets twice a year.

The CBF is composed of twelve members that are experts of recognized standing and experience in financial matters at the international level from States Parties, and that are elected for three years.

There are several requirements for the election of the candidates. The distribution of seats for the first election is as follows: two seats for the African States, two seats for the Eastern European States, two seats for the group of Latin American and Caribbean States, and four seats for Western European and other States.

Current members of the CBF are Ms. Carolina María Fernández Opazo, Mr. Fawzi A. Gharaibeh, Mr. Hitoshi Kozaki, Mr. Urmet Lee, Ms. Mónica Sánchez Izquierdo, Mr. Gerd Saupe, Ms. Margaret Wambui Ngugi Shava, Ms. Elena Spoková, Mr. Richard Veneau, Ms. Helen Warren, and Mr. François Marie Didier Zoundi.

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