comité asesor para las nominaciones

The Advisory Committee of Nominations (ACN) was established to facilitate the nomination and election of the most highly qualified judges of the International Criminal Court (ICC), and to assess and determine the most qualified candidates. It provides formal recommendations following the assessment of the candidates in a published report a few weeks before the elections

The ACN is composed of nine members, nationals of State Parties, designated by the Assembly of State Parties (ASP) by consensus on recommendations made by the Bureau of the Assembly. These members are elected for three-year terms; they must ensure geographical representation and must act independently of their own state’s interests.

Current members of the ACN are Mr. Ahmad Mohammad Binhamad Barrack, Mr. Corneliu Birsan, Mr. Bruno Cotte, Mr. Adrian Fulford, Ms. Lucy Muthoni Kambuni, Ms. Sanji Mmasenono Monageng, Mr. Enrique Eduardo Rodriguez Veltze, and Ms. Sylvia Helena de Figueiredo Steiner. The final ACN member will elect at the eighteenth session of the ASP, in December 2019. The nomination period for this last member took place from June 3rd to August 25th 2019; which resulted in the nomination of former Judge Sang-Hyun Song, from the Republic of Korea.


The Advisory Committee builds on the work of the Independent Panel on ICC Judicial Elections, set up by the Coalition in 2010 to raise awareness and assess the qualifications of ICC judicial candidates.

In 2011, the Panel helped fill a significant gap in the elections process: the need for a competent, fair, independent assessment of whether each nominee fulfils the qualifications prescribed by the Rome Statute.  As with the Coalition, the Panel neither endorsed nor opposed any individual candidate in the 2011 elections.

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