25 years of civil society engagement in the Rome Statute system of justice

Co-hosted by: Coalition for the International Criminal Court; Australia; Austria; Finland; Ireland; Liechtenstein; The Netherlands; State of Palestine; Sierra Leone; Switzerland; and Uruguay.


On 17 July 1998, following six weeks of intense negotiations, the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) was adopted. Establishing for the first time a permanent international judicial mechanism to investigate and prosecute perpetrators of international crimes, the Statute created not just a single institution, but an entire system of international justice. 

On the 23rd anniversary of the adoption of the Rome Statute, the Coalition for the International Criminal Court is committed to honor this groundbreaking achievement, by reaffirming unwavering support for the Court towards the creation of a #MoreJustWorld, and by continuing to facilitate the engagement of civil society representatives with the Court and the system of international justice. 

This anniversary comes at a time of dire challenges, including the uncertain and at times hostile political environment in which the ICC operates and the increasing threats to civil society and human rights defenders, but also of promising opportunities such as the renewed ICC leadership and the ongoing ICC Review process.

As we celebrate the Rome Statute and the ICC, the Coalition for the ICC begins a new chapter of its history after 25 years of existence and meaningful engagement with the Court and States Parties, which aims at revitalizing and strengthening its work. We look to the future with renewed enthusiasm and motivation to pursue the fight against impunity, and we stand ready to facilitate the engagement of CICC members around the world with ICC and ASP Processes. 

The Coalition for the International Criminal Court will commemorate the adoption of the Rome Statute and reflect on the current challenges and opportunities in a discussion with actual and former ASP, ICC, and Civil Society leaders, which will take place on Friday 16 July at 14:30 Hague time / 8:30 NY time / 20:30 Kuala Lumpur time. 



Welcome: Melinda Reed, CICC Acting Convenor


  • Silvia Fernández de Gurmendi, ASP President 
  • Luz del Carmen Ibáñez Carranza, ICC First Vice-President
  • Karim A.A Khan QC, ICC Prosecutor
  • Peter Lewis, ICC Registrar
  • Chino Obiagwu, Chair of the Nigerian Coalition for the ICC
  • Angela Mudukuti, Lawyer, Associate Advocacy Officer Open Society Justice Initiative

Vote of thanks: Bill Pace, CICC Convenor 1995-2019

Closing remarks: Melinda Reed, CICC Acting Convenor

Watch the recording of the event!

Statemement of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court on the occasion of the Day of International Criminal Justice 2021

Delivered by Ms Melida Reed, CICC Acting Convenor

Read it here

#NGOVoices on International Criminal Justice Day

Check out the events and initiatives of Coalition members and other civil society representatives around the the Day of International Criminal justice

  • Webinar: Hosted by the ICC Working Group of the Malaysian Bar Council Human Rights Committee (“HRC”) in commemoration of the World Day for International Justice, and to highlight and create awareness of the importance of this Day. This webinar also aims to highlight the importance of the ICC, and provide a clear understanding of the Rome Statute. Monday 19 July, 9:00 (Hague time) / 15:00 (Kuala Lumpur time). Register HERE.


  •  Event: On the occasion of International Justice Day, the Darfur Women Action Group (DWAG) is organizing a week-long "Justice for Darfur Campaign" from July 12 - 17. The campaign includes a number of key posts across their social media channels, accessible via DWAG's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and a Facebook Live event featuring Darfur genocide survivors in conversation with DWAG Executive Director, Niemat Ahmadi. 


  • Conference: The Center for Civil Liberties (Kyiv, Ukraine), together with Parliamentarians for Global Action, the Representation of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the Ukrainian Association of International Law, with support from International Renaissance Foundation, has organized a week long commemoration of International Justice Day, including lectures and panel discussions focusing in particular on the implementation of the Statute. The conference will be held on Zoom, with live translations on their Facebook page and later on YouTube


  • Event: To mark the 17 July anniversary and Day of International Criminal Justice, Human Rights Watch will feature the views of several different activists on Twitter and other social media networks on the theme of “Justice is possible, if … “ Look for the Twitter thread on 16 July at the @hrw account and consider joining the conversation about what justice takes.


  • Panel Discussion: “Justice of last resort: The Herculean task of the new Chief Prosecutor to bolster the ICC”, Organised by the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. Monday 19 July, 13:00 (NY time) / 19:00 (Hague time). Register HERE.


  • Statement: Statement of the African Francophone Coalitions for the International Criminal Court concerning the commemoration of the International day of International Criminal Justice ( july 17, 2021) - English Version & Version française






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