Message from the CICC Acting Convenor, Melinda Reed, on the CICC Secretariat host transition

The Steering Committee of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court has the honour to announce that the host for the CICC Secretariat is relocating to the Women's Initiatives for Gender Justice. The CICC Steering Committee mandated WIGJ to establish a consortium of partner organisations to facilitate the transition and ensure broad regional representation moving forward, while a full review of governance, including the process for selecting the next permanent secretariat host, is completed. Once the governance review is concluded, which will include consultations with members, the hosting of the CICC Secretariat will be revisited and the permanent host selected through a transparent process.  

The CICC Steering Committee expresses its gratitude to WFM/IGP for more than a quarter of a century of dedicated service to international justice and to CICC members, in its capacity as host of the CICC Secretariat.  Over the past 25 years, the CICC has grown from a small group of NGOs advocating for the establishment of a permanent International Criminal Court to a worldwide movement of civil society working together for a fair, independent and effective ICC. Today, the court is functioning on a more challenging international landscape than before. This reality makes the need for the ICC and a strong Coalition all the more important in the fight against impunity for the worst crimes.   

The CICC Steering Committee is committed to supporting the new host and the consortium it forms to ensure the vital work of the CICC Secretariat and the services to members are not only maintained, but improved and revitalised. In this, we owe a great debt and thanks to the staff of the CICC Secretariat, whose professionalism and dedication has ensured CICC members have continued to be served well, even during these difficult times.  

More information will be forthcoming shortly; in the meantime, we reconfirm our commitment to working together, including with CICC Secretariat staff, to ensure as seamless a transition as possible, so the CICC can continue to grow and improve, with transparency and accountability to members.