#GlobalJustice Weekly – Death toll rises in Yemen as gov’s flout Arms Trade Treaty

The latest in Global Justice news: Civil society is calling on arms-producing governments to stop supplying weapons potentially being used to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity in Yemen; ICC Trial Chamber V(B) refers Kenyan government to Assembly of States Parties for lack of cooperation; ICC prosecutor publishes policy on case selection; refugees fleeing South Sudan pass one million mark; FARC rebels apologize for ‘great pain’ caused by kidnappings; UN envoy says progress in Libya marred by ongoing volatile security situation; and much more.

Yemen: Western arms being used for ICC crimes?

Civil society is calling on arms-producing governments to stop supplying weapons potentially being used to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity in Yemen, where mounting civilian deaths and casualties have prompted the UN human rights chief to call for an international investigation.

“It is outrageous that states have continued to supply the Saudi Arabia-led coalition with weapons, including guided and general purpose aerial bombs and combat aircraft, despite stark evidence that those arms are being used to attack hospitals and other civilian objects and in other serious violations of international humanitarian law.” said Amnesty International.

The UN reported that Saudi-led airstrikes in northern Yemen last week killed 30 people, making it the deadliest attacks since peace talks collapsed a month ago. Amnesty International reports that a US made bomb was used in an air strike on a Médecins Sans Frontières hospital on 15 August, killing 11 civilians. Human Rights Watch found that Saudi Arabia used US-made cluster munitions near civilian areas in the country.

“It is extremely concerning that many transfers are still continuing, in particular the governments of the United States, the UK and France have authorized and are continuing to export very large quantities of weapons, including explosive weapons, bombs which are being used daily against civilians in Yemen,” said Anna MacDonald, director of the Control Arms Coalition.

France authorized arms licenses worth $18 billion to Saudi Arabia last year, followed by the United States at $5.9 billion and Britain’s $4 billion, according to the Control Arms Coalition.

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