#GlobalJustice Weekly - Deaths mount in Philippines war on drugs

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The Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte continues to push back against international concerns around alleged extra-judicial killings in the country's war on drugs. Police reportedly say they have killed 2000 people suspected of drug-related crimes since July this year. A further 3500 homicides remain unsolved, allegedly at the hands of vigilantes. Last month, Duterte threatened to withdraw from the ICC after the Office of the Prosecutor stated that it was "closely following developments in the Philippines in the weeks to come and [would] record any instance of incitement or resort to violence with a view to assessing whether a preliminary examination into the situation of the Philippines needs to be opened." The Philippines joined the ICC in 2011. 


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'They are slaughtering us like animals': a photojournalist's account of 57 killings over 35 days

Philippines Bar Council decries President Duterte promise to target defense lawyers in national war on drugs

In the Philippines, Duterte's brutal war on drugs kills thousands

Philippines to become more entangled with major non-ICC members on UN Security Council?

Philippines police linked to bloody 'war on drugs' get training from United States, Human Rights Watch reports


ICC Investigations

Uganda: Trial against former Lord's Resistance Army commander Dominic Ongwen opens at ICC as defense seeks to adjourn over mental fitness to stand trial 

Côte d'IvoireLaurent Gbagbo defense finishes questioning last witness of year in former president's ICC trial 

Darfur, Sudan: ICC to hold public hearing in March 2017 on South Africa refusal to arrest Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir in June 2015.Government meanwhile threatens “other options” to end war in Darfur

Kenya: Local and international human rights organisations request the establishment of Commission of Inquiry into violations by security agencies


ICC Preliminary Examinations

Nigeria: UN warns that northern Nigeria faces 'largest crisis in Africa' as government conflict with Boko Haram becomes increasingly bogged down 

Burundi: Lawyers of victims of 2015 crisis offer to collaborate with UN Commission of Inquiry


Campaign for Global Justice

Positive news for universality of Rome Statute  as newly elected Gambian President Adama Barrow promises to keep country in the ICC and South African opposition party mounts legal bid to block government's withdrawal?

ICC judges amend several Regulations of the Court to improve efficiency of proceedings

ICC President Judge Silvia Fernández de Gurmendi calls Court ' central to the global system for the protection of human rights' on occasion of Human Rights Day. See our 20 reasons to back the ICC and fight for global justice

#ICC President: Standing up against impunity in defence of human rights https://t.co/sSpHA0KUgc #Standup4Rights #HumanRightsDay pic.twitter.com/0hDkOVrHwP

— Int'l Criminal Court (@IntlCrimCourt) December 10, 2016

"Do we want a world without recognition of basic guarantees of human dignity?" - High Commissioner Zeid at HR Council#HumanRightsDay pic.twitter.com/PS9yfOsmoG

— UN Geneva (@UNGeneva) December 10, 2016

The Hague writes for human rights #Write4Rights #W4R16 #HumanRightsDay pic.twitter.com/C0o714jNvw

— Amnesty Den Haag (@AmnestyDenHaag) December 10, 2016

#HumanRightsDefenders are targets in many parts of the world. Take a stand and say no to human rights violations https://t.co/rBUiDAVuTS

— OMCT (@omctorg) December 13, 2016

#Peace does not exist where #HumanRights are not respected. Read how we #Standup4HumanRights: https://t.co/krrWoZvrwi pic.twitter.com/s9V1tSquo0

— UN Peacekeeping (@UNPeacekeeping) December 10, 2016

We all have a collective responsibility to amplify the voices of those unjustly oppressed #HumanRightsDay

— Nina Ansary (@drninaansary) December 11, 2016

Sexual + gender-based violence is a violation of human rights. #16Days #HumanRightsDay pic.twitter.com/K3llWvEb03

— UN Refugee Agency (@Refugees) December 10, 2016


Around the World

Government troops push into rebel-held areas of Aleppo's old city in Syria

Saudi Arabia mass death sentences a travesty of justice and violation of human rights reports Amnesty International 

Serbia is taking the unprecedented step to open first trial for 1995 Srebrenica massacre


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