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We, the Coalition for the International Criminal Court, hope that the 20th anniversary will be a time for renewed understanding of, and commitment to, the Rome Statute and the International Criminal Court, and to end the suffering of the victims.

The 20th anniversary year has the potential to make the unprecedented system of international criminal justice created by the Statute the hope for peace and the rule of law for this century that we all affirmed so few years ago, and which is needed now more than ever in our current world. 

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Twenty years of international justice: a toolkit for commemorating a milestone in the fight against impunity

As part of efforts to encourage all stakeholders to utilize the Rome Statute’s 20th anniversary to promote informed understanding and robust support for the ICC and the international justice system throughout the year and beyond, the Coalition has prepared a Toolkit with concrete suggestions, specific targets for action, and resources to help inform what we hope will be a wide and diverse series of events and initiatives to bolster commitment to the Rome Statute system and the fight against impunity.

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In February 2018, the Coalition launched its year of commemoration and stocktaking, with events taking place at the permanent premises of the ICC, and the Peace Palace, in the aim of encouraging a full year of wide and diverse convocations and celebrations. In addition to a period of commemoration and celebration, the Coalition hopes that the 20th anniversary will be a time of both education and recommitment.

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Videos: CICC Interactive Launch Forum, Peace Palace

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