All peoples are united by common bonds.

Their cultures pieced together in a shared heritage.

But this delicate mosaic may be shattered at any time.

During this century, millions of children, women and men have been victims of unimaginable atrocities that deeply shock the conscience of humanity.

Such grave crimes threaten the peace, security and well-being of the world.

We are determined to put an end to impunity for the perpetrators of these crimes and to contribute to the prevention of such crimes.

Inspired by the preamble of the Rome Statute establishing the International Criminal Court.


Get involved

Why? In this period of global uncertainty and abuse of human rightrs, let us unite in a spirit of cooperation, collaboration and solidarity around the principles laid out in the Rome Statute.

Who? Individuals, civil society groups, states, representatives of international and regional organizations, academia, media, eminent personalities, celebrities.

How? Demonstrations, events, statements, opeds, social media posting, images, videos.

Download the logo

Use the United by Common Bonds logo and share resources on our take action webpage


Some tips

Participants in the campaign are encouraged to call for:

  • Truly global ICC justice;
  • A strengthening of the ICC; and
  • Greater state support for the Rome Statute system.


Suggested messaging

  • Through justice, peace
  • I’m standing with victims of atrocities
  • Let's make international justice truly global
  • We need global justice, a strong ICC, and more state support for justice
  • Unimaginable atrocities are on the rise - it's time for global justice
  • Join the fight for global justice for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes


Twitter hashtags

  • #VictimsFirst
  • #UnitedbyCommonBonds
  • #AGlobalCC
  • #CommonBonds
  • #UnitedforJustice