Together for Justice: Meet the Human Rights Defenders Leading the Fight against Impunity   

In the face of repeated attempts to undermine the International Criminal Court’s independence and the integrity of the Rome Statute system, civil society organisations and human rights defenders remain the most vocal advocates for justice for victims of international crimes. This often comes at a great personal risk, as worldwide HRDs and CSOs face multiple threats and reprisals for their work to support victims and for cooperating with the International Criminal Court (ICC). Nevertheless, civil society and human rights defenders remain steadfast championing access to justice.  

These inspiring human rights defenders lead efforts to guarantee that all victims have access to justice and redress in every situation, wherever they are. Civil society’s unwavering commitment compels States, the ICC and other international bodies, to prioritise the fight against impunity. Their dedication ensures that victims’ rights are not just upheld but prioritised.  

Human rights defenders and civil society organisations are the driving force that made the ICC and the Rome Statute a reality. Their tireless efforts have laid the foundation for global justice, and their continued dedication keeps the fight for justice alive. Without them, the pursuit of global justice would falter. 

These human rights defenders and civil society organisations are the lifeblood of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court (CICC). As part of the campaign, "Together for Justice: Meet the Defenders Leading the Fight against Impunity," Coalition members share their insights on justice and their hopes for accountability. 

Meet the inspiring defenders and join us in standing for justice for victims everywhere. Discover the Coalition and hear these #NGOVoices below.